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                                                                            Triple Seven Barrel Racing Rules


Memberships will be on the horse’s lifetime earnings.


Each horse will be categorized by lifetime barrel racing winnings and earnings (including any

Rodeos, futurities, and Open Jackpots) at the time of membership. Once joined, the member

horse will remain in that category for the remainder of the competition year.


            Categories are as follows:

            Under $1000.00

            Under $5000.00

            Under $10,000.00


           Youth- 15 years and younger as of the beginning of the TSBRA competition year

           Pony- Must meet TSBRA Pony Rules

          "Rider membership."


For the rider membership selection you will be obtaining a membership on the rider only, this membership will NOT obtain Points throughout the year, it will only be obtaining Qualifiers.

This membership will allow a membered rider to qualify for finals and such membership will compete in the Open Category of finals for categories, but will also be able to be in the 4D and any side pots at finals. This membership must have 10 qualifiers per horse and 1 membership per horse that the rider wishes to attend finals.

Example: the membered rider obtains 40 qualifiers, Those 40 qualifiers would potentially be spread out on however many horses the rider wishes to enter at finals. So if the rider spread out their 40 qualifiers over 4 horses, the Rider must obtain 4 Rider memberships.

           Membership fees will be $55.00


           It is the responsibility of the membered horse’s owner and or rider to be aware of all Triple

           Seven Barrel Racing rules.


           Any horse ownership changes during the membership year will transfer with the horse,

           Including points & qualifiers. New owners must contact TSBRA to change horse to current

           Owner.  Membership number will remain the same.


           We will allow horse substitutions at our discretion, except for the sale of the horse.


           Any approved horse substitutions will require another $55.00 membership fee. Qualifiers

           from the “Original” membered horse will be given to the substituted horse.

           points earned on the “Original” horse WILL NOT be rolled over to the substitute horse. Substituted

           horses must run in the Open category at finals.


             Junior Member: Horse/Rider combo


There will be no membership refunds given under any terms.




Membered horse must compete in a total of 10 approved sanctioned or co sanctioned jackpots,

(Co-Sanctioned fee must have been paid to receive attendance), to be qualified for the TSBRA Finals.


New effective 7/24/2021- any membered horse that competes in any rodeo that is advertised

for all to know about, if that  rodeo is not TSBRA Sanctioned or Co Sanctioned and there is not a

TSBRA sanctioned or Co Sanctioned event within 100 miles of the entered race or rodeo or 120 miles of

any TSBRA Sanctioned or Co Sanctioned event that has $2500.00 or more in added monies, within 7 days of

any TSBRA Sanctioned or Co Sanctioned event, said member within 7 days of an event Can send in a picture of the results of said as proof they were entered and made a run, Rodeo  along with $5 co sanction fees and

have said Rodeo count as a qualifier towards the 10 qualified runs needed to attend finals.

points will not be awarded in these types of qualifiers.


There are as many points available as there are members in a primary race or members that paid

a co sanction in a co sanctioned race. Non-members (or members who did not pay a co sanction

fee at a co sanctioned race) will not be calculated for points.

For any race that has a Triple Seven Prime Sanction Each Member through tenth place will be awarded points as follows:


2nd- 180pts

3rd-160pts, this will be awarded through tenth place, tenth place being 20 points.

If a double header on a single date is approved, only the first race of the day will of a Prime Sanctioned race will receive the points ranging from 200 down to 20 points, the 2nd race will only be eligible to a qualifier.


For any race that has a Triple Seven Co Sanction Each Member through tenth place will be awarded points as follows:


2nd- 90pts

3rd-80pts, this will be awarded through tenth place, tenth place being 10 points.



All ties shall split points. Example tie for 1st and 2nd, points will be added together and divided equally

to the members that tied.

Knocked down barrel will be a no time and no points will be awarded, only qualifiers will be awarded.

off course shall receive zero points but will receive a qualifier.

The points/qualifiers earned at a race will be carried over into the membered horse’s respective category.


                                                                      TSBRA PAYOUTS


                                       Sanctioned TSBRA races will use the following format:


                                                              1D- 32%




                                                    1D- the fastest time

                                                    2D-fastest time plus 0.500 seconds

                                                    3D-fastest time plus 1.000 seconds

                                                    4D-fastest time plus 2.000 seconds


                  Any sanctioned or co sanctioned Triple Seven Barrel Race must be approved within 7 days

                  of the event and placed on the TSBRA calendar. Prime sanctioned arenas will always have priority over

                  co-sanctioned arenas for  date or weeknight sanction request.


                  At any sanctioned TSBRA race, a $5.00 finals fee must be collected for each run on top of each

                  entry fee. This $5.00 will be used in the form of added money at the TSBRA finals.


                 Any producer, who chooses to co sanction TSBRA, will collect $5.00 from any TSBRA member

                 choosing to pay for their points and qualifiers. This $5.00 will be used in the form of added

                 money at the TSBRA finals.


                 At any TSBRA sanctioned jackpot, you may not enter any horses as Horse 1 and Horse 2.

                 horses name and membership number must be provided.


                 At any sanctioned TSBRA jackpot, you may not swap draw positions among any other

                 Contestants or yourself. Horses drawn number must be ran in draw position. This will result

                 In a disqualification.

                  At any sanctioned TSBRA jackpot, less than the places paid are filled with qualified times,

                  the remaining money in that division will be equally divided among the qualified times in

                  that division. For example, 4 monies paid, 2 qualifying times; the money in that divisions

                  pot is refigured by the percentages and re paid.

                 Any member placing in the Top Ten of any category, must be present at finals award ceremony and in

                dress code at finals to receive Top Ten Awards or awards will be rolled down to next person, No stand ins

                 allowed and no  exceptions.


                Returned check fee $50 and you will not be able to enter any TSBRA sanctioned races until your check

                is paid in full along with the $50 fee.


                 If at anytime you are incorrectly or over paid for a race, your are responsible for paying all monies back,

                 and will be ineligible to compete in any TSBRA sanctioned races until payment is made in full.


            TSBRA will not hold awards, if you win an award and are not there to get it yourself, you must designate

         someone to pick them up for you or they will roll to the next person.

          Finals is the one time you must pick up yourself in person , no stand ins allowed or awards will roll

         to the next person.



          Finals will be run and paid out each day in an Open 4D format, and each category will be pulled out of the 4D

          Open Race and paid out in category format.


                      New effective 8/7/2018:

                     Categories will no longer be paid out in a straight Rodeo payout fashion.

                     Categories will now be paid out as a 2D with a .007 second split.

                 Any member winning awards at finals must be present and in dress code at award ceremony to receive awards

                 or awards will roll down to next person, no stand ins allowed & no exceptions.

                 Any and all ties for awards at finals or any other event will be decided by the flip of a coin.





               Ground Rules at any given TSBRA jackpot will supersede any and all other rules. We understand rules may

                                  may need to be added as we grow. Our goal is to keep them to be a minimum.


All members and those associated with TSBRA are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and could result in minimum fines of $1000.00 or suspension of membership. Abuse to any person or animal will NOT be tolerated. NSF checks will result in up to a $50 fine and the member being put on an ineligible list. No points will be awarded until the check has cleared and the bank fees paid. Any member, husband, father, mother, relative or person having a relationship with a member/owner/arena operator/rider or individual, whether related or not, interfering or complaining to management, an arena owner, an arena director, or their agents, on behalf of said member/owner/arena operator/rider or individual makes said member/owner/arena operator/rider or individual responsible and liable. In addition, any of the aforementioned being found guilty of any of the above accusations can have their membership suspended or permanently revoked. SPORTSMANSHIP AND CONDUCT For any person, willfully harassing, harming or causing disturbances to any person or animal at any Triple Seven Barrel Racing Produced barrel race, this is grounds for immediate removal of said premises, if it is a competitor entered in the event, there will be no refunds of fees and or memberships, their funds will be considered forfeited and put towards their imposed fine of $1000.00. If any person or persons, threatens, name calls any Triple Seven Member or Producer in anyway or on Social Media, Said person or persons will not be allowed to return to any Triple Seven Barrel Racing Association, LLC events until the fine of $1000.00 is paid, at which time they will be put on an immediate probation of 1 year and no less, if a subsequent incident of any kind occurs, said person will be banned for life. Let’s all Adult. We are a drama free environment. Please leave all issues at the road.

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