Triple Seven Barrel Racing Association
Sanctioned and Co-Sanctioned Producer’s

At any sanctioned TSBRA race, a $5.00 finals fee must be collected for each run on top of each entry fee.  This $5.00 will be used in the form of added money to the 2018-2019 finals.

Any producer, who chooses to co-sanction TSBRA, will collect $5.00 from any TSBRA choosing to pay for their points and qualifiers.  This $5.00 will also be used in the form of added money at the 2018-2019 finals.

We are offering the top 3 Sanctioned and Co-Sanctioned Producer’s 1 paid entry to the 2018-2019 TSBRA Finals (Must be a member and qualified). As our year progresses we will also be adding to this list. We appreciate your Sanctioned and Co-Sanctioned support.

Thank you for your support!